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  1. Very handsome typewriter. Congratulations!

  2. Nice one! There is something magical about an Olympia. Under the hood one can see the pride in engineering and manufacture. All the parts are finished. Almost jewel like.

  3. Great looking typewriter, I like that unique ‘antenna-esque’ paper support. Based on your comment “amongst the top half-dozen carriage shift portables I have used”, if I do the math then you must have a decent collection by now.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. The collection did become rather large, but I have managed to get it down to seventy-nine typewriters at the moment. Yesterday it was seventy-eight, but you know how it is; I’m just getting the collection under control – and then an Olivetti Studio 42 shows up for sale, and then an Erika M. What to do?

  4. Thank you for an informative article – and website. I have a highly similar Olympia (Optima) Elite from 1950. Mine also has a tab, with the keys located in the same positions. Mine is the more traditional glossy black finish, and is a wonderful typer – pica, by the way. The need to downsize will, most likely, require that I sell this wonderful machine.

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